Boston Globe Endorses Mike Kelley for District 2 City Council

The news is out and momentum is building – the Boston Globe has endorsed me in the District 2 City Council election on November 7.

Here’s what the Globe has to say:

“Kelley’s main strengths have nothing to do with geography. He has nuanced views on development and parking… Kelley’s years of City Hall experience as a liaison to the gay and lesbian community suggest that he can hit the ground running on delivering constituent services, a key part of a district councilor’s job.”

Read the full endorsement here.

We’re continuing to reach out to everyone in every corner of District 2, and this endorsement is an exciting step toward that goal. If you join us this weekend, we can keep the momentum building – as a Team Kelley volunteer, you will help ensure that everyone across the district has progressive, experienced leadership in City Hall.

There is a clear choice on November 7 – one that represents the past, and our true progressive campaign for today’s Boston. Thank you to all the supporters and volunteers who have helped us get to this point – but there is still more work to be done! We can’t win this election unless you help us get out of the vote. Please join us in these final days.

With thanks and appreciation,

-Mike and Team Kelley