Boston Guardian Endorses Mike Kelley

BOSTON GUARDIAN, October 27, 2017—

“Residents of Boston should always make an effort to vote in every election. It is our civic responsibility. Whether you own or rent, and whether you commute by bus or car, you should always be concerned about the outcome of the City Council District 2 election on Tuesday, November 7.

The diverse district meanders from the Prudential apartments, the South End and Bay Village into a slice of Beacon Hill and through Chinatown, downtown, Seaport and South Boston. It could be considered the epicenter for most, if not just about all, new jobs, office buildings and residential units in the city.

While companies like General Electric and Vertex will help ensure Boston’s future in the world economy, there can be a downside to prosperity and change. An increasing population will tax the district’s roads, water and sewer infrastructure and work-
force housing stock.

Formerly stable communities such as Chinatown and South Boston are already trying to adjust to the influx of new residents. Longtime residents of the South End and downtown are risking displacement.

Amid all of this, we must have someone in city government who will help us with transportation solutions and middle-income housing. We need someone in the City Council who has a strong voice to use on our behalf. That person is Mike Kelley.

We’ve known him personally and professionally for almost 20 years. As the mayor’s former liaison to the South End, Bay Village and the LGBTQ communities, Mike set the standard for constituent services and representing residents in City Hall. No other liaison has ever come close to his abilities and sensibilities in this area. Mike has worked on rental and workforce housing issues with notable success. He has also been a successful entrepreneur in the new economies of technology and communication.

Mike’s opponent, though very respectable, does not have Mike’s experience, nor has he articulated solutions in any of the issues facing the District. Circling the wagons and appealing to the past may have worked in yesterday’s Boston, but should not work in today’s City Council.

We urge District 2 voters to elect Mike Kelley as your voice and your representative on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7.”