Education & Schools

Quality Schools for All

“I believe that every child has a right to a quality education no matter what school they attend.”

Every child deserves to receive a first-class education. Too often I hear from parents that if their child does not get into a particular Boston Public School then they will consider moving out of the city.  That circumstance should never arise.  There is no excuse for schools in the same neighborhood that are separated by only a handful of blocks to provide such different educational experiences to their students.  As City Councilor, I will work every day to help make every BPS school in our district a great school, from the Condon School to the Quincy School.  And this starts with making sure our teachers and administrators have the resources and funding required to be successful, as well as supporting and funding universal pre-K. Studies have shown that is when it is most crucial for their successful development.  

As a product of the public school system, I know how important it is to create an educational environment that enables students of all backgrounds to reach their maximum potential.  It means making sure children feel safe and welcomed in well-maintained schools and classrooms.  That’s no small mission, and I support and applaud the hard-working women and men who teach our children and prepare them for the future.  They play one of the most important and selfless roles I could imagine. 

I believe that a good first step towards improving the quality of all BPS schools is partnering our under-achieving schools with the good and great schools so that best practices and techniques can be shared and flow more freely between staffs. I will work with my colleagues, other elected officials and the community to come up with the best solutions for all of the District 2 schools as we move our agenda forward.

Education does not just mean K-12.  It includes vocational and trade schools, adult learning centers and English-language learning programs.  We must provide tools, resources and opportunities to help every member of our community thrive.  That means bringing our local labor organizations together with vocational schools to help individuals build careers in the trades.  And it means forging more partnerships to help with job training and English-language learning like the one between Whole Foods, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Castle Square Tenants Organization and Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, which resulted in the creation of good paying jobs for Boston’s communities of color in District 2.

A good education not only prepares us and our children for the future, but educational institutions serve as the hubs of a neighborhood.  They keep people in a community.  Working together to make sure we offer everyone excellent education in life is in all of our best interest.