Housing Affordability

“We cannot let the rising cost of housing in District 2 force out the hard-working families, seniors on fixed incomes and young professionals, who help make our neighborhoods special.”

Every person deserves access to safe and affordable housing.

We need to do all we can to keep our neighborhoods affordable, safe and diverse.  During my time as the Director of the city’s Rental Housing Resource Center, I battled every day to do just that; fighting for the rights of tenants against eviction and low-income families against foreclosure.  And as City Councilor, I will continue these fights, and be a constant voice for housing affordability.  

I want to make home ownership attainable for more families like those I have met across the district who worry that they will need to look outside Boston if they want to buy a home.  We need to do even more to find ways to help first-time home buyers overcome hurdles to shape their own economic future.  Investments to increase the amount of affordable housing and affordable workforce housing are requirements for well-rounded smart, dynamic and fair economic growth.  I will be a City Councilor who supports sensible economic growth across the district.

District 2’s diversity is part of its strength and attraction.  Our neighborhoods are filled with people from all different backgrounds, walks of life and income levels, young professionals and retired seniors, artists, families new to the neighborhood and those who have been here for decades.  In order to keep our neighborhoods vital, attractive and growing we must make them affordable for everyone. Seniors on fixed incomes who have helped to mold the South End over decades should not have to choose between paying their property taxes or moving out of a neighborhood they call home.  Nor should a young couple in South Boston be forced to look outside the city because they want to start a family, and need to increase the size of their home but cannot afford it.

More affordable working housing will enable families of teachers, hourly workers, union members, hospital technicians, and many more to remain contributing members of our community.   In far too many cases, people cannot find their way to the next step in their family’s housing plan.  If people can’t move up in our community, they will move out.  We must work together to ensure that this does not happen to our district and city.