How to Vote November 7: Mike Kelley for District 2 City Council

Listen to Mike’s mom – on November 7, get out and vote, and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

On November 7, every vote counts. There are too many issues at stake for District 2, and every resident of the District deserves a voter turnout that represents every resident, not just some.

Here’s your comprehensive guide to voting on November 7 if you live in District 2.

Where do I vote?

Here’s a full list of polling locations – starting with Ward and Precinct – where District 2 will be voting from 7AM-8PM on November 7. Use this lookup tool to find which one is yours.

  • 3/6 City Hall – 1 City Hall Plaza, Vote in Hallway by Credit Union, Voter Entrance North Side of Building, Off Congress Street
  • 3/6 City Hall – 1 City Hall Plaza, Vote in Hallway by Credit Union, Voter Entrance North Side of Building, Off Congress Street
  • 3/7 & 8/1 Cathedral High School Gymnasium – 1336 Washington St., Voter Entrance Right Side of Building on Union Park Street
  • 3/8 Wang YMCA of Chinatown – 8 Oak Street West.  Vote in Gymnasium
  • 4/1 & 4/3 William McKinley South End Academy – 90 Warren Avenue, Vote in Gymnasium, Voter Entrance Corner of Warren Ave & Dartmouth Street
  • 4/2 Tent City Community Room – 130 Dartmouth Street, Vote in Community Room.  Voter Entrance Yarmouth Street in Rear of Building
  • 5/1 Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology – 41 Berkeley Street, Vote in Auditorium- UPDATE: entrance has been moved to Tremont side of Franklin Institute
  • 6/1,2,3 James F. Condon Elementary School – 200 D Street, Vote in Cafeteria6/4 Julie’s Family Learning Program – 133 Dorchester Street, Vote in Multi-Purpose Room. Voter Entrance Around the Corner on West Fourth Street
  • 6/5 & 6/7 South Boston Library – 646 East Broadway, Vote in Meeting  Room
  • 6/6,8,9 Monsignor John T Powers Elderly Housing – 120 L Street. Vote in Community Room.  Voter Entrance Use Door Closest to East Fifth Street
  • 7/1 & 7/2 Curley Recreation Center – (L Street Bath House) – 1663 Columbia Road, Vote in Community Room, Voter Entrance at M Street Side of Building
  • 7/3 Foley Apartments – 199 H Street, Vote in Community Room
  • 7/4 Up Academy (Formerly Known as Gavin Education Complex) – 215 Dorchester Street, Vote in Auditorium.  Voter Entrance Right Side of Parking Lot on West Seventh Street
  • 7/5 West Ninth Street Elderly Community Room – 185 West Ninth Street.  Vote in Community Room.  HP Entrance Rear of Building
  • 7/6 Mary Ellen McCormack Task Force Office – 345 Old Colony Avenue.  Voter Entrance Devine Way
  • 9/1 Youth Development Program – 100 West Dedham Street

And look up your polling location by address here.

I need a ride to the polls.

Great! We’d be happy to pick you up. Just call 774-778-4194 and we’ll be on our way.

I’d like to make a difference in this election – how can I help?

Please get in touch with the campaign and we’ll get you plugged right in to help volunteer, all day until polls close at 8PM on election night. Email ramon@votemikekelley or click here to fill out our signup form.

The future of District 2 is in your hands. Thank you.