Boston Pride: We Are Stronger Together

Here’s why you should join me in the 2017 Pride Parade.

When I set out to run as your District 2 City Councilor, I thought about the issues we all face today, and the road we traveled to get here. Boston Pride is a time to reflect on history’s lessons, and the work ahead to continue our progress. You may recall hearing the phrase, “As Massachusetts goes, so goes the country.” That’s because we have a long history of being a place where progress begins: a city of caring, passionate people working to make life better for all. The right to legally marry the person we love first took flight here. For me, it was the honor of a lifetime to play a small part in that winning fight, and the thrill of a lifetime to marry the love of my life, Ricardo.

As your City Councilor, I’m ready to do my part to continue the march for progress in District 2. That’s why this year’s Pride celebration is especially important, as we begin a conversation about how to create a district that embraces all people, and creates opportunity and a pathway to a bright future for everyone.

A Career Fighting for All

Equality and opportunity for all are the values that drive my campaign – and it’s also the basis of my career in public service. As Mayor Menino’s LGBTQ liaison in Boston City Hall, I was honored to stand among those fighting for legal same sex marriage, just as I was with my work on the Human Rights Campaign.

March with us at Boston Pride

Boston Pride – and celebrations happening throughout Pride Month around the country – is a time to celebrate the strength and diversity of our LGBTQ community, and the allies who support us. This year’s Boston Pride Parade is even more special, because it’s my first time walking as a candidate for District 2 City Councilor. I’d like to personally invite you to join me.

I want you to know that when you march with Team Mike Kelley, you’re taking a stand for a District 2 that values diversity, inclusiveness and progress.

Let’s make history again, and create a District 2 that embraces all of our shared values. Let’s walk together in the 2017 Pride Parade.


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