Transportation, Traffic & Parking

“Successful urban living depends on our ability to safely get around the city in a reliable and cost-effective way.”  

Whatever mode of transportation our district’s hard-working families, seniors and young professionals choose to take — public bus, train, boat, car, bike or walking — success is in getting to our jobs, our homes, our doctor’s appointments and the rest of our life safely and on time.

I know that our public transportation infrastructure needs to keep pace with the increasing demand.  That comes as no surprise to anyone.  I will be a steadfast advocate to ensure that the state’s public transportation system adequately serves all people in every corner of the community.  South Boston residents should not have to stand five people deep in groups of 50 or more to catch an already-crowded bus to downtown Boston.  That doesn’t make any sense.  I will work to ensure that the capacity of our most taxed bus lines is increased and continues to increase in proportion to the community’s population so that our bus system can more effectively serve our neighborhoods.

People in all parts of the district also worry about limited residential parking, as well as the high cost of parking spaces and garage parking.  Furthermore, increasing traffic delays frustrate us daily and infiltrate our neighborhood streets much of the time.  These issues are ones we will address together as I work to develop creative solutions to some of our long-standing challenges.  

Whether you are a bike rider, a pedestrian or prefer ride-sharing services, I’m focused on safety first.  We need to examine where more shared and dedicated bike lanes can be added, and work to make sure these types of bike lanes are considered at the forefront of infrastructure planning, not as an afterthought.  We also need to find ways to improve pedestrian safety at crosswalks, such as making them LED lit.  People should never be fearful to cross Tremont Street.

Addressing these and other transportation issues will be among my top priorities as City Councilor.  And I will work with the community to ensure that any solutions meet the needs of the community.