Your Vote Counts: Vote Mike Kelley November 7 for District 2 City Council

One year ago, we saw the election of a candidate who stood against the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, against women’s reproductive health choices, and against diverse immigrant communities.

On November 7, District 2 cannot afford for history to repeat itself.  That’s why we need you to vote November 7, and tell everyone you know to vote.

We have come too far to turn backward on these issues important to everyone in District 2.  MA AG Maura Healey makes it clear in this video: the events going on in Washington are playing out on a local level, and on November 7, Boston will choose what kind of future for District 2 it wants to see.

I want to make it very clear what we stand for, and how I’ll fight for you in City Hall.  Every single resident of District 2 deserves a voice, and a chance to thrive.  They deserve housing affordability, transit access, quality schools, and representation with an unwavering record of commitment to progressive values. 

Our campaign has proudly been endorsed by a broad panel of news organizations, including The Boston Globe; progressive elected officials; Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of MA; the Sierra Club; the Victory Fund and many more.

And we need YOUR help.

Please help us elect progressive leadership to the Boston City Council on November 7 – District 2 cannot afford to slip into the past.